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babysign™ is a website about baby sign language. It's an on-line course that teaches you all you need to communicate with your baby before speech is acquired!!!

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Congratulations! You’ve found babysign™ - the original website offering online baby sign language tuition. baby sign is a completely new and exciting website that teaches you to sign with your baby before he or she is able to talk. Read one mum's experience! Although more people are aware of baby sign language there is a lack of classes throughout the UK. This website is designed for those who cannot attend a class or would like to learn more about baby sign language to complement the classes they already attend.

Please let us explain what all the excitement is about. Using simple signs from around 6 months of age, babies are able to communicate their wants and feelings before they are able to speak verbally. Watch and try some baby signs here using baby sign language. By using basic signs babies can tell you if they are hungry, want their milk or would like you to look at a book with them.


"babysign™ has had a calming and highly entertaining effect on my household. From my enthusiastic two year old who learnt very early on that she could get what she wanted before she could speak and now has a phenomenal vocabulary, to my 10 month old son, who has just started to realise that he can communicate with us too with his hands - it is a delight to watch them signing together and many a temper tantrum has been diffused with the use of signs. I can't imagine how parents cope without it!"

Caroline, mum of Mary and Tom

Read our latest review or e-mail us with any questions you may have. We love to hear from you.

To join our baby sign language programme visit our shop page now. We are confident that you won't regret it. The first time you see your baby ask for "more milk" you will know you made the right choice.

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