Baby Sign Course

What does this course entail?

This is a comprehensive baby sign language programme that is divided into 6 sections to make it easier to access. It follows the same format as our classes and is all available on this website. You will have access to this exclusive website for 1 year. You will be surprised how easy it is to learn. In just a few minutes you will be signing with your baby!

When you buy the course with us you will IMMEDIATELY have access to;

  • 6 separate lessons including new signs to practice with each lesson
  • An online dictionary of over 300 signs including numbers and the alphabet
  • Online footage of  songs you can sign with your baby
  • Videos and photos of our fabulous babies signing
  • Top tips to help you along 

If you have any queries or questions we will be happy to help! Click here to email us.

Buy the babysign course

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