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 'Communication is at the heart of your baby's development'


If you would like to teach babysign to parents and babies in a warm and friendly atmosphere then this could be the career for you. In small classes you will sing songs, use visual props to aid learning and teach core signs that your families will need to communicate... and a few fun ones too!

You will run your own business, choose the hours you work and we can pretty much guarantee you will smile all the time!

If you are interested then please email us stating which area you would like to work in and we will get back to you as soon as we can with further details.

Come and be one of the team!








Testimonials from our Teachers


What made me want to become a babysign teacher? I had attended classes with my son from a young age and the sign language that he and I learnt in the babysign classes was invaluable to us. We could communicate with each other, he never got frustrated when he wanted something and when he acquired speech his vocabulary was just amazing. It was so rewarding, and I wanted to feel this sense of pride not only with my son but with other babies too. So I took a career change which gave me this ability. Not only is it a job I love, but it fits around the life of our family perfectly. I am in charge of me and that means I can give my all to my family without the stresses of my previous career. Would I change what I did? Never! Not only are the outcomes rewarding, but it is financially rewarding too. I get paid to sign, sing and play. I don’t stop smiling at work!






It’s great to be a babysign teacher...And here is why!



 It’s on your terms. Work for yourself- choose your hours

 It’s flexible- you could even take your baby to your class

 It’s sociable- you will meet lots of new people and babies

 It’s financially rewarding. It’s gratifying knowing you are making a difference to the lives of lots of parents and     babies.



What will you need to provide?  

 A set fee of £699 which covers all of the above

A monthly licence fee of £25, which enables you to work under the babysign name and also includes all ongoing training when you need it

A music device on which you can play the babysign songs 

A venue in which to hold your classes (village/church halls etc)


If you would like an informal chat, more information or if you've already decided this is the career for you then please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!



Sue English sue@babysign.co.uk   07802444208

Samantha Anderson babysignchelmsford@outlook.com  0776134503