What is babysign ?

Babysign is a method of communicating with your baby before he or she is capable of speech. Acquisition of the spoken word is a slow process but the introduction of sign language at only a few months of age can improve the communication between parent and child, enhancing and enriching their relationship.

Although your child may not be able to form words, if she is hungry she can sign to you. If she needs a clean nappy she can let you know. A frequently used sign is "more"..."More chocolate buttons please!" Or..."More tickling please!" babysign is based on BSL, British Sign Language, the language used by the majority of Deaf people in the UK. BSL adapts easily to babysign to be used by hearing babies.

Using babysign can increase a baby's IQ levels by around 12 points and encourage confidence with vocabulary.

Babysign is easy to learn and easy for little hands to use. An added bonus is that you will be learning a new skill too!

Watch little Anoushka tell her mum she wants some more waffles! Absolutely delightful!

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